Magi Arredamenti is a leading high quality furniture manufacturing concern catering for the local market. Established in 1990 under the direction of Godwin, Magi Arredamenti has evolved throughout the years and now accommodates an eminent commercial complex situated in Luqa Industrial Estate. Exhibits consist of a diverse range of locally crafted solid furniture and also imported furniture; such as kitchens, bedrooms, wall units, other loose furniture and custom made-to-measure selections.


Godwin, with over 20 years experience in furniture design and manufacture, has become an icon in the field. Having started with a partnership, Godwin was always the one managing and administering the business, until he later took on the role of sole Managing Director. Coming from a disciplined background and taken from previous experiences, Godwin also took responsibility of the Quality Control Department, ensuring that the furniture produced was of top standard. The customers’ interest was always his interest, and that is to positively exceed expectations.


Throughout the years, Godwin gained technical knowledge of custom-built furnishings, involving himself in minor details and being the direct point of reference to the carpenters employed by him. Since its conception and under Godwin’s direction, Magi’s manufacturing facility located in Luqa, doubled in size due to the augmented demand in production; not withstanding the company’s efforts to endorse its mission statement of punctual deliveries, high quality workmanship and after sales service. Boasting over twenty years of expertise and erudition in the furniture sector, Magi Arredamenti is confident of the excellent goodwill within the local market.

If you asked Godwin whether leadership traits are innate or acquired, what reply would you expect? Well, surely not the latter.


Born in 1962, Magi Managing Director, Godwin is a leader by nature. Having started working in the tender teenage years, Godwin was never one to settle for the ordinary set of tasks delegated by his superior. He would not just carry out his duties, expect a salary and rush home. Instead, he would take responsibility of the tasks assigned, ask his boss for more work and brainstorm on potential improvements as though it was for his own business or personal gain. Consequently, Godwin does not believe leadership qualities are something which can be acquired; he says: “it is more a question of a natural, in-built attitude, rather than a set of Management skills and related jargon known inside out.”


This determined, assiduous man has always been in Managerial roles and if he started off in a junior position, you would soon hear of his exciting achievements. One of Godwin’s strategies as a business man is to avoid what is known as “Management by crisis”. In fact, one of his own, favourite quotes is: “It is better to lose a penny and know where it has gone, than it is to gain a thousand and not know the source!” In other words, it is vital for the business to keep an informative database detailing every single income and outcome, whether it is or not of relevant significance. Every little bit counts!


But was Godwin just born with such attributes? Or did he also help himself through other sources? Of course, it wasn’t all that easy. Despite his busy schedule, Godwin also took interest and attended courses in Management, Public Speaking and Project Management amongst others. In fact, since 1990, when Magi Arredamenti was first established, Godwin did not only get involved in furniture, relative design and its’ technicality. As time went by and as Magi increased its’ market share, clients also expressed their interest in Godwin’s advice rather than just the product. This lead him to put his project management skills to practice and soon took on turnkey projects, hence getting involved in a myriad of details including wall colour schemes, gypsum features, lighting, tiles and other fixtures. Clients trusted Godwin with their projects from conception to completion stage.


If you ever heard him talk, you would note how much of a perfectionist he is and if you worked with him, you would see him getting into the nitigrities and perhaps wonder why. Yes, Godwin also had the opportunity to work in a German company on a Managerial level, in the Quality Department. Now it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you thought he was a “quality-freak”. Needless say, Magi’s Quality Department is also under Godwin’s supervision. He will check your furniture before and after it is delivered to your place and if he’s happy with the quality, rest assured that you will be delighted!


Amongst his numerous achievements, Magi Arredamenti was the first Maltese furniture company to ever give birth to a television programme related to home décor. The same programme, with the name “Niltaqghu”, has now been going on for eight consecutive years and was nominated as the 2nd most viewed programme on NET TV in the People’s Choice TV Awards 2009/10.


In the times that Malta was preparing to enter the European market; thus the restructuring of companies was being felt by many, Godwin was the pioneer to amalgamate with two other local furniture manufacturers to form a consortium with the possibility to start exporting furniture. As a result, Godwin and his team were the first local company to ever participate in the world’s largest furniture show, held in Cologne, Germany.


What about his other big projects? Well, Godwin is not a boaster but if you asked him to recite one of the biggest achievements, he would tell you about the responsibility he had when Pope John Paul II came to Malta for the first time. This event in particular, is very much at Godwin’s heart. He was the man behind the big preparations, taking charge of the infrastructural works program involved in the visit.


Last but not least, it is good to mention that one of the main local, banks, had a few years ago recognised Godwin’s accomplishments and as a result, he was chosen as an example in one of their business marketing campaigns, same of which was featured in a number of posters distributed locally.    

Whilst boasting over twenty years of expertise and erudition in the furniture sector, Magi keeps reinforcing its Mission Statement of Punctual Deliveries, Quality Workmanship, Custom-Built Design and Professional Service. Whether you are in pre-sale or post-sale stage, rest assured that Magi Arredamenti will satisfy your requirements. Today, Magi’s Mission Statement has become its Reputation!